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Wisdom Paws RX

Compassionate End-of-Life Guidance for Pet Parents

A Powerful Prescription for Clients Navigating Challenging Concerns

Wisdom Paws has created a unique 8 module on-line prescription video program entitled “The Final Journey, Empowered End-of-Life Decision Making for Pet Parents”. It was created in response to clients’ requests for guidance on this topic. It’s a topic of heartfelt consequence. This program approaches the psycho-emotional and spiritual aspects of this journey. I have not found any other source in the veterinary sphere that acknowledges these aspects of this subject.
This program assists veterinarians by letting clients know we appreciate their struggles. It offers them a prescription to help guide them through this experience. It also supports them in the process of healing, and even growing, in the face of loss.
Participants share that, beyond the clarity gained with the decision-making process around their animal companions they experience deeper understanding of, and comfort with death, loss and bereavement.

A Message From Liz

One of the most powerful ways to insure client loyalty is to offer sincere, gentle and kind support during this final stage of a pet’s life.
Using this program as the foundation, you are demonstrating to your clients that you will support them through the last stages of their pet’s life.

The Final Journey program increases the likelihood that pet parents will have an experience that is compassionate and peaceful.
Navigating end-of-life care can be challenging especially for less experienced veterinarians. It can be a tremendous source of stress, compassion fatigue and burn out.

This program shares healthier perspectives of death and suffering as well as insights into ways to empower, guide and support clients.

“I can certainly understand on a much deeper level why this is so vitally important for my ability to live more joyously without fear, guilt, or feeling selfish. Thank you” – Pattie T.

This contributes to the confidence, professional satisfaction, and well being of veterinarians, as well as all veterinary staff.

Dr. Liz welcomes the opportunity to speak with your hospital staff about how using this program can support your clients during this challenging time.

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How To Share This Program With Clients:?

Frequently Asked Questions about when to share the program can be found below.

  1. When your clients share the inevitable comments about how they are dreading the idea of having to say “good-bye”, of ”not knowing how they will handle this”, of “not knowing what to do”  THIS is the opportunity to let them know you have a PRESCRIPTION that is designed to help prepare them. It will make the last part of their pet’s life more peaceful, and filled with more joy, it will help the client be more present. 
  2. When you share a difficult diagnosis or are discussing a deterioration in health and well being of a pet.
  3. If a client inquires about how to talk to kids or asks for guidance about discussing end-of-life issues with family members.

Wisdom Paws RX

I also offer a ten day money back guarantee. If you decide you do not wish to offer the program you have 10 days to request a full refund. The copies will be deleted except for the complimentary copy which remains yours to keep.
Below is the table of contents for the program:

Program is divided into 8 modules

The Final Journey Empowered End-of-Life Decision Making For Pet Parents

Module 1-4

The Final Journey Module Overview

Death is something all pet parents will inevitably have to face. Here we explore this end of life journey, how we can approach it, and why it’s so important that we take the necessary steps to prepare ourselves sooner rather than later.

In this module we explore the various ways death happens all around us. How might seeing death through this lens shift the way we approach this final journey with our pets?

Module 3 gives the opportunity to explore your own relationship death, both the devastating and profound aspects

As much as no one seeks to suffer, at some point we all experience it. This module shares insights that help us meet this reality with grace.

Module 5-8

The Final Journey Module Overview

Developing and strengthening this inner guidance is one of the most crucial parts of this journey. In this module, we uncover why this is and how to cultivate our inner wisdom.

Is it time? This is the ultimate question and one of the most challenging parts pet parents have on this journey. In this module, Dr. Liz shares her method of guiding pet parents through this process.

In this module, see the process in action. Dr. Liz' provides three powerful accounts from clients. So you can observe their struggles and how they used the "Is It Time?" process to make decisions that ultimately brought them peace.

Participants from the original workshop share their powerful perspectives, takeaways and wisdom. This is a testament and acknowledgement that each of each of us has something of value to offer.


Frequently Asked Questions about the program can be found below.

The program is broken into 8 modules totaling approximately 4 hours 30 minutes. Each segment is about 25-45 minutes

Yes, this option is available on the registration page.

No, there is no religious foundations. The foundational principle for the program is "Let love lead...Peace will follow".

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Reduce Fear

Learn how to approach your pet’s older years with joy and love. Eliminate the overwhelm, fear, and anticipatory grief through tools that will help your pet along their journey.


Develop Wisdom

Develop your inner wisdom, cultivating confidence and clarity. This enables you to understand your pet’s needs and assists you in making better decisions.


Renew Peace

Gain a renewed sense of empowerment and peace along with the skills you need to provide comfort and serenity for you and your fur babies.

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