How Do I Know When To Say Goodbye?

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How Do I Know When To Say Goodbye?


Pet parents are often asked by well meaning people if they are keeping their furry loved one alive for them or for their pet.
I would suggest the answer to that is:
“I am keeping them alive for LOVE”
Unfortunately, buried in this question is a judgement of potential selfishness.
A more compassionate perspective recognizes that BECAUSE you love them saying good bye is excruciatingly difficult.
I suggest offering a reflective observation such as:
“You love them so much, Of course you don’t want to say good bye.”
This gives the pet parent space to acknowledge and accept what is unfolding is painful and just hard.
Another way to frame a question is:
“Coming from a deep place of love, What is in the highest and best for all in this moment?”
The Process I guide pet parents through in “The Final Journey” workshop helps them settle into that deep grounded place of love within themselves. From this space they open to the answer that is within them.
It is essential to note that this question must be revisited often, perhaps daily or even more frequently until their loved one transitions.
There is no objective right or wrong here. There is only love unfolding through life.

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