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Wisdom Paws offers a 4.5 hour – 8 module online video program entitled THE FINAL JOURNEY: Empowered End-of-Life Decision Making for Pet Parents.

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The Final Journey Online Video Program

Every Pet Parent Will Inevitably Face This Time

Designed to help pet parents prepare for the inevitability of their pets’ final good-bye by acknowledging the deep grief and devastation that is present as well as recognizing the profound sacred gift of Love that is always present.


Reduce Fear

Learn how to approach your pet’s older years with joy and love. Lessen the overwhelm, fear, and anticipatory grief through tools that will help your pets on their journey.


Develop Wisdom

Develop your inner wisdom, cultivating confidence and clarity. This enables you to understand your pet’s needs and assists you in making better decisions.


Renew Peace

Gain a renewed sense of empowerment and peace along with the skills you need to provide comfort and serenity for you and your fur babies.

About The Program

Our Pets Are Like Family

If you’re confused, worried or overwhelmed about how to navigate this new chapter of life with your pet, then this program is for you. You don’t have to do this alone. You’re just a few steps away from alleviating this fear and worry.

My program offers compassionate guidance to support you and your pets’ remaining time with love, freedom, and joy.

Wisdom Paws

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Why Choose Dr. Liz Fernandez

Patience and Passion

Dr. Liz offers straightforward strategies for embracing a perspective of death that acknowledges the devastation that can be experienced and the sacred gifts that are also present.

Licensed Veterinarian

Dr. Liz is certified in Veterinary Hospice and Palliative Care, Veterinary Acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

Public Speaker and Author

Sacred Gifts of a Short Life chronicles the end of life journeys of several of Dr. Liz’s patients in a way that allows us to begin to see death from a perspective of both profound sadness and precious sacredness.

Holistic Housecall Practice

Dr. Liz believes that, as animal companion guardians, we are the primary healthcare providers.


Tail Wags From Our Clients

Rhiannon N. Vet Tech / Pet Parent

I am very grateful for you and who you are, and your beautifulness that you give to the world. Such a phenomenally magical compassionate effort made to share this gift with all who need it. You have done an absolutely beautiful job with it all.

Diane J. Pet Parent

Your elegance, clarity and compassion with which you speak was captivating. It touched me at a soul level. I wanted to thank you for the continuing light you shine in this world.

Sandy H. Pet Parent

I am so moved & uplifted by so much of the content - it is so pertinent to my / our journey with all living things. Your manner of delivery is so special. a wonderful gift.

Johanna G. Pet Parent

May many people benefit from the wisdom flowing through the workshop.

Mary S. Pet Parent

That was the most beautifully engineered workshop I’ve ever attended The level of professionalism was apparent and then of course there’s you.

Joan Pet Parent

My dear Dr . Fernandez. I should be the one sending beautiful words to you for the many wonderful things you did for my Millie! Thank you for the comforting; inspiring booklet . So helpful. So thoughtful. So beautifully executed. Done perfectly just as you cared for sweet Millie . 😘Joan

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Learn how to be emotionally prepared and spiritually present Get access to Dr. Liz’s step-by-step online program and learn how you can offer your pet the level of comfort and support your fur babies deserve.

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